Car care ARX7620

Svitol Multipurpose Lubricant

Svitol multipurpose lubricant and releaser, penetrates in depth due to its spreading capillarity and low surface tension, it goes through scaling and rust and acts where the mechanisms are blocked. Antioxidant, moisture remover, deoxidant, concentrated. Svitol lubricates and cancels friction, unlocks rusty parts, eliminates moisture, prevents rust and is designed to reach difficult spots with precision and large surfaces with ease. Thanks to the new dispenser, created, designed, engineered, printed, assemled and tested in Italy, Arexons introduces the Svitol evolution:

  • Tough and reliable dispenser
  • Integrated tube
  • Double dispensing pattern: pinpoint and atomised rose-shaped
  • 360° valve
  • Safety seal for first use
  • Open/close safety lock

Product test:

  • FOUR BALL TEST - ip 239 standard compliant (Tested at Petronas Lubricants Italy S.p.A. Laboratories)
  • SRV and HFRR tests
  • SRV FRICTION TEST (Tested at Petronas Lubricants Italy S.p.A. Laboratories)
  • HFRR TEST continuous test 200 g at 50 Hz (tested at Laboratoires d'Analyses de Fluides "BFB Belgio"

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